October 2007

Everyone who knows the difference between an A500 and A500+ has probably heard about OS4 being released exclusively for classic PPC hardware late November (this year, not in 2008, 2009 or 2010+). Well so do I, and I think the difference between the A500 and the A500+ is that some games do not work well on the A500+ (just kidding).


For most former Amiga users who owned an A500 with an external floppy drive and a Posso floppy box with 100 pirate copies the thought of needing a sound card for an Amiga is crazy. The Amiga already had built in sound and quite good was it too.


However it was no 16-bit audio and that may or may not show (sound) these days. Granted old classic modules won’t ever sound better with a sound card but what if you want to play an MP3 in 16-bit on that hi-end big box Amiga with 060 and PPC?



So I have been saving up hardware to build an A4000D with PPC, SCSI and lots of other nice things, but I do not have any nice A4000D so if you have one and lives in Sweden and wants to sell it, contact me.

Building the ultimate Amiga 4000 piece by piece


Check this out, AlfaPower 500 is an IDE harddrive interface and memory expansion for the Amiga 500. First thing that hits you is the power and activity lights on the front. They are actually also buttons. One button lets you turn expansion memory on and off and the other button lets you disable the harddrive in order to make it more compatible with floppy-based software hard coded for a stock A500 with 0.5 MB chip and 0.5 MB fast.