December 2007

Happy new year everyone, some images from year 2007 and various Amiga projects:




So the OS4 review is going to take a couple of weeks more than I initially thought when I first got it early this month. Imagine Workbench 3.9 converted to run on PPC with everything improved and you have OS4, so far there is little to complain about. I would have liked a higher compatibility with older applications though, something I did not quite notice the first week I played around with OS4.

Anyways I have been finalizing my Amiga 4000 desktop I intend to run as my main Amiga in the future. My objective was to have it finished before the end of 2007.



This is the original heatsink for Motorola 68040 and 68060 CPU:s. It is currently mounted on an ancient Commodore 3640 040 accelerator. These days there is not much point in getting anything than a 060 based turbo board if you are an Amiga enthusiast, and sad to say the 3640 is not one of the best 040 based turbo boards out there for big box Amigas.


Just yesterday I picked up an A4000 I bought from the net. My last Amiga 4000 had a broken floppy controller and came in an ugly Elbox tower, I much prefer stock A4000 desktop cases so I had to get one of those instead. Today OS4 came in the mailbox so currently I am installing AmigaOS4 on my A4000D with PPC/CVPPC. Expect to find a review here soon! :)