February 2008

I took a short break from the A500 project today, because I thought it would be a nice idea not to mess it up so that I have something I can test the Multivison 500 scandoubler on when it arrives during the coming week.


During fall last year I put together a nice Amiga 1200 with an Apollo 1260 @ 50 MHz (but capable of 80 MHz) turbo board, DCE internal flicker fixer and scandoubler and a 1 GB Compact Flash card. The configuration was by no means finalized but it worked so good I decided to keep it that way. Maybe that is why I do not have a flicker fixer/scandoubler in my big box A4000D/PPC running OS4?



I have added a quick article on my main site about the GVP HD8+ hard drive with some nice images of it. Well maybe Big Book of Amiga Hardware goes down some day in the future and someone needs an image of it, –GVP HD8+ SCSI hard drive– there you go :)

Anyways, I am feeling very positive. This weekend I am going to finish off the kickstart switch on my Amiga 500 and next week I am going to get my Multivision 500 scandoubler shipped to me. It was actually the first auction I have bought off eBay now that I have set up an account for myself on that page. And I think I payed a reasonable price for the item.



Wow… Vintage Amiga Hardware Blog is quickly turning into my Amiga 500 project diary, I hope my readers do not disapprove of this (do I have any?), once I get my hands on other Amiga hardware you can be sure I will blog about them.

So what happened today?



I bought one of those ”Kill a watt” watt meters a couple of years ago and I find myself constantly measuring what different electric devices consume. Did you know for example that a first generation XBOX consumes 11 watt in suspend mode?

Or that a fully loaded Amiga 4000 with PPC and PPC graphics board idles at 100 watt?


Today I began working on my Amiga 500 again. Yesterday I gave the motherboard a proper wash with hot water and soap because I suspect the previous owner was a smoker and the motherboard was very dirty. I let the motherboard rest next to a heater during the night and it was completely dry in the morning, and in a very good looking condition (like new). The A500 shell was also dirty but in overall good condition. It was only yellowed on its side so after a hot bath for the case it looked great, I also swapped out the keyboard for an old one I had cleaned before, see for yourself:




My Amiga 4000 project got finished late last year even though it had a tight deadline. There are still some minor parts to be done to it but I am already looking for new projects to focus on for the first half of 2008.

Last summer I won an auction containing a much expanded Amiga 500 and a 1084 monitor. I sold the monitor during Christmas because IMHO they are a ticking time bomb -you will never know when they are going to end working- and by common sense an almost 20 year old monitor could break down by just looking at it. I actually got more money for selling the old Commodore 1084 monitor than I paid for the whole auction, which is kind of weird considering I got a GVP HD-8 with 4 MB memory, an Amiga 500 with 2 MB expansion and 020 turbo board together with a Kickstart switch and 1.3/3.1 roms.