March 2008

I got an idea today to try out if the Buddha Flash Phoenix edition Zorro2 IDE controller works in an A500 through an 86-pin to 100-Pin adapter.

It did not work.


Today I upgraded this little blog to a “proper” Blog by converting previous posts to a fresh WordPress installation. I managed to do it in less than 6 hours.My main motivation for this was that the previous system for running a blog was not as advanced as I would want it to be, but for the regular visitor to this blog you will probably not notice many differences (yet). Keep in mind though that some parts may be broken here and there.

Allright, it is time for me to set this blog back on the right track after last post about vintage PC hardware.

Today I got a package of IC-sockets, pin-headers and other nice electronic stuff to have around from Conrad. Conrad is a very complete mail order warehouse, originally from Germany. Now they are in Sweden too. I suggest everyone to order their 800 page catalog at once, it is really fun to read!



This Easter was the perfect opportunity for me to go into my closet and find out exactly what kind of old vintage PC hardware I had been stockpiling during fall/winter 2007.

So after some digging I found this:


386 motherboard, I think it was clocked at 16 MHz.


I remember how difficult it used to be to set up a new Amiga before WinUAE enabled Amiga formatted hard drives to be mounted under the emulator.Workbench 3.5 and 3.9 came on a CD-rom but previous version of Amiga Workbench came on floppies. 


I have a spring project that I work on in my free time –mostly during weekends. The project is based around an Amiga 500 and the aim for the project is to muscle it up with various hardware accessories in a professional way.


I have not touched my A500 for the past three weeks since I was waiting for my first ever eBay buy –a Multivision 500 scandoubler that fits inside the Amiga. I thought the package would show up at me in one week max, but turned out it took three weeks for it to travel all the way from Germany to Sweden. Anyway perhaps it was good since I have been quite busy with other things during the last weeks.


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