June 2008

I am running OS4 on my Amiga 4000 desktop. While AmigaOS4 is a great technical achievement (especially on classic hardware) compatibility with older software leaves a lot to desire so the past few months I have been thinking of running dual boot with AOS3.9.

AmigaOS4.0 does not need Kickstart 3.1 roms, but Workbench 3.9 does. Thankfully today I got my hands on a second hand set of 3.1 roms for my A4000.


You might remember a Russian project from a year ago or so where some dude created a small piece of hardware that replaced the floppy drive inside an Amiga and made it possible to load disk images (ADF-files) from cheap memory cards.

There is a new project that seems even more promising since the Turkish floppy emulator enables joystick control over the menu and replaces the tiny Nokia LCD on the floppy emulator with proper display on the TV.

You can be sure I will get one for my Amiga 1200 if they will be for sale in the future.

Check out the cool video of the device in action on commodore.gen.tr

or check out the english language thread on amiga.org

Sometimes simple is good. There is just something really cool about a kickstart switch for the Amiga.

Add it to an A500 and you have a reason to have a cool shiny stainless steel switch through a hole in the A500 cover.


Georg Braun from Germany has created a replacement motherboard for the Amiga 1000.
Those who know their Amiga history well might remember the Phoneix replacement motherboard for the A1000 released around 1990.

In comparison with a stock A1000 the Phoenix motherboard was much more modern and comparable with modern Amiga systems.


I just came back from my vacation in Turkey and found out that my internal A500 IDE hard drive interface that I ordered had finally came. I was eager to try it out in my Amiga 500 project I have been tinkering with during the past six months.