July 2008

Finding a replacement cooler for the CyberStormPPC card can be difficult because most PC north/south-bridge replacement heatsinks typically expects four holes evenly apart in the edges of a 4 cm square. You can be creative and drill and tap a heatsink so it fits the CyberStormPPC card or mount a small Zalman heatsink which have very flexible hardware for mounting the heatsink.

IMHO the stock heatsink is actually fine, it is very thin but should do its job perfect when mated to a proper fan instead of the half centimetre tall 40 mm fan that comes as stock. (more…)

I purchased a Melody 1200 Pro soundcard for my Amiga 1200 today. The Melody sound card was produced in 1998 and forwards by Kato and was available in a lot of different versions such as a Zorro 2 card and different clock port variants of the sound card.


 Just two months ago I was given a free classic maxi tower, these kinds of cases are somewhat rare these days so I immediately said I would take it when offered.

Today I added a second maxi tower to my ever growing case collection. It is as the previous one ATX format and has six external 5.25″ slots.

So how relevant are these kinds of cases to the Amiga?

Well, back in 1997 the coolest thing you could do was to hack your trusty A1200 into the biggest tower you could find, head for a really tall building and scream -Amiga, back for the future.

Then when you arrived at home again adoring your gigantic Amiga tower packed of  PC crushing  power you added a huge Amiga sticker to your tower so that your friends would not mistake your server-size chassis for a run of the mill Quake-gaming computer (while you wished your A1200 030 25Mhz ran Quake faster than your buddy’s P166).

Wow, how times have changed…