September 2008

I have been reluctantly considering posting information about my latest project. It seems the more you post about a project, the more likely the project will never fly. However I have come quite far on this one so I am taking a chance here.

Anyway, I got inspired to put together one of my A1200 with a final configuration and keep it like that when I toyed with the Indivision scandoubler last weekend.


Finally today I had some time to spare so I could try out my Indivision AGA Scandoubler/Flickerfixer that I received from AmigaKit earlier this week.

I have to say that it is very nice to be able to purchase new Amiga hardware for a reasonable price (when you take in to account how big the market is and how much time was invested in the product) that is not second hand or has passed ten owners before me. Let us hope that in the future there will be more new hardware available such as graphic boards and accelerators.

For quite some time Amiga scandoublers and flickerfixers have been very sought after and have recently been selling for a lot of money on Ebay. In these age when everybody have a TFT screen, it is not a question of if you want to run your Amiga on the TFT, you need to run the Amiga on the TFT because soon, regular CRT monitors and televisions will be extinct to museums.

Typically Amiga computers can not display its native resolution on a VGA screen (except the Amiga 3000 that has a built in scandoubler), this was great in 1989 because it drove the total price of Amiga home computer down since you could hook up your A500 to your TV.

To be able to view all native Amiga resolutions the Amiga needs to be equipped with a scandoubler/flickerfixer such as the Indivision, or you will need an old heavy multisync CRT monitor which rarely exist in resolutions over 15″.

The Indivision is a neat little circuit board that sits on top of the video chip inside the Amiga, once seated it is very securely attached to the A1200 motherboard. However keep in mind that some revisions of the A1200 motherboard have a flatter video chip so you need to carefully sand down the socket on the Indivision. The VGA cable is connected to the Indivision AGA and preferably mounted in the free place besides the mouse port. There is no installation of drivers afterwards but in order to flash the scandoubler with a never firmware that might improve picture quality you need to download a software package from the net.


This page is old, please visit my new Amiga hardware for sale page!

Listen up guys, I have some Amiga hardware for sale. I am planning to buy some new exciting Amiga stuff during this fall/winter, amongst that stuff is a Deneb card for my A4000 and some other cool Amiga related things, to fund this fun hobby I have to empty my drawers and closets and sell off some Amiga gear to keep my economic balance on the plus sign.

All hardware tested and fully working, only bare cards -No CD/manuals (except GVP HD8+ wich has a floppy disk).

  • Village Tronic Ariadne 1 Ethernet card  90 euro
  • Village Tronic Ariadne 2 Ethernet card 80 euro
  • Toccata 16-bit soundcard 80 euro
  • Commodore A2630 030 turbo with 4 MB fast RAM (SOLD)
  • Village Tronic Picasso 2 graphics board  (SOLD)
  • Individual Computers Buddha Flash Phoenix edition 60 euro
  • GVP HD8+ 800MB SCSI HD/4MB fast memory, incl ext PSU (SOLD)

I would prefer if buyer is in europe but I have sold Amiga goods before to people in Australia and USA. Payment through bank account transfer or Paypal (if by Paypal add 5 euro). Buyer pays shipping costs.

Send me an email to erkan at erkan dot se with “amiga stuff for sale” in the topic.

This page is old, please visit my new Amiga hardware for sale page!

Thanks for looking :)

How glad I am that my Indivision AGA arrived today all the way from UK (please do not remind me that I could get it a bit cheaper from a retailer here in Sweden).

If I get some time today (else later in the week) I will update this post with a short review, otherwise by looking at other peoples review one can easely draw conclusion this is a major kick ass Amiga hardware release of the year!

Update: Indivision A1200 AGA review is here

Finally my preordered Scandoubler/Flickerfixer indivision AGA by Individual Computers have been shipped from AmigaKit. I look forward to test the new scandoubler and also look forward to mount my current DCE Flickerfixer into my Amiga 4000 that have been running without a scandoubler for more than a year.

Be sure to find some cool pictures and a review about the Indivision AGA here next week!

Update: Indivision A1200 AGA review is here