October 2008

You have probably heard about SCSI-terminators, well this is an IDE-terminator for an Amiga 4000.


I just found the perfect Compact Flash card to IDE adapter for the Amiga 1200 and the Amiga 600. It is attached straight on the 2.5” hard drive pin row on the motherboard and is relatively securely attached to the pin row by the 44-pins. Since the Compact Flash adapter connects directly to the 2.5” hard drive pin-row you do not need to feed the CF-adapter power with a cable which makes a very clean looking installation.


Yes, this is what my teaser from the previous post is going to become. Yesterday I picked up a very nice Gift Tower System for the Amiga from Amigaz.

It is an excellent Amiga 1200 tower and must be quite rare since not much information about the tower is available on the net.

IMHO nothing beats the looks of the first generation MicroniK A1200 steel tower with the hinged door over the drive bays, but I have to admit that this Gift tower looks totally awesome with three external 3.5” drive bays and three external 5.25” drive bays and a nice calm front without overexposed cooling vents.

Office gray rules!


Missing: Ariadne 1, Melody 1200 Pro, Sound Enhancer, 2 x floppy drives, 1 x DVD-r

Tower, rack, desktop or bare?

Liquid cooling, multiple anodized heatsinks or stock cooling?

WB 3.1, WB 3.9, OS4.0?

MVB, GIcons, PNG icons?

developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS

decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS

There is an easy solution to increase the volume of air that can pass through the Amiga 4000 by removing the closely spaced fins at the back of the PSU and replacing them with some perforated steel of aluminium. If one want to it is also possible to replace one of the connectors and increase the space for air to flow through more.

I have not been able to find a large sheet of thin perforated steel or aluminium so I could not open up the Amiga PSU as much as I wanted to at the backside.