Well I am selling my Amiga 2000 before the year ends. I do not want to sell it but since I need the space at home for more important things I need to let it go.

Contrary to some other Amiga users opinion I actually think that the A2000 is one of the greatest looking Amiga systems available. It is very boxy, square and good looking with relatively good expansion possibilities. The case is also easy to open and close for easy access, something it does not share with the A4000.

The big problem IMHO is the Zorro 2 bus, it is slow, and something that is very evident when running a graphics board in one of the Zorro slots. I think, that to really enjoy an Amiga besides playing games you should get a fast 040 or a 060 based turbo board, it is kinda hard to motivate myself to spend a lot of cash on a Blizzard 2060 board when I already have 060 in my other systems, besides, even if I get 060 board for the A2000 I am still stuck with slow Zorro 2 graphics.

Anyway, my A2630 and Picasso 2 boards are now sold and the only thing left is the Amiga 2000 case with 3.1 roms and 2 MB Z2 fast memory card.

But if I find a smoking deal on a full A2000 system complete with fast 040/060 board it will be much difficult to resist buying one again!