January 2009

I have decided to clean up my Amiga 4000 internally. It is a busy system under the hood with cables all over the place hindering air flow and makes my Amiga run hotter than it should do.

I am running a BMon monitor switch (originally made by Eyetech) inside so that I can switch manually between CyberGraphX and AGA screens. The BMon switch clutters up the inside of the case a lot so let us hope Individual Computers will release an automatic monitor switch to go with their Indivision A4000 in the future.

To begin this mission of cleaning up the inside of the Amiga 4000 the first decision was to remove the DVD-rom. I am sharing files from a server these days where I have many Amiga ISO files which I can mount over the network so a DVD/CD is not necessary anymore IMHO.


2008 is over so it is time to look back at an exciting year with the Amiga that has passed by in this first part of two.

See you in 2009!