September 2009

Jens Schoenfeld Amiga-innovator extraordinaire and boss of Individual Computer – making good hardware for good computers, established 1986 (I guess). Most famous for making hardware devices for the Amiga with additional clock ports as a bonus have posted a question on everyone still running a genuine Amiga 4000T should find and answer pronto!

Question is how many would be interested in an Indivision scandoubler/flickerfixer compatible with the Amiga 4000 tower (the genuine 5-slot Zorro Escom/Commodore tower that is, not some ugly half finished Amiga 4000 Desktop DIY hack from 1997)? (more…)

In my last post I wondered if there were any switch solutions for automatically switch between AGA/ECS/OCS and graphics board output out there, witch at the moment there were none.

I solved the problem in one of my A4000 system by attaching an old Bmon manual monitor switch, you might remember the Bmon switches that Eyetech made a lot of years ago. Eyetech did actually have an automatic switch that worked with the DCE-scandoubler/flickerfixer and the CyberVision64-3D card but that switch seems very rare, I have never seen one second hand and them where kind of expensive for switches back in the day.