February 2010

Got a tip from a friend on the net of someone selling an Amiga 4000 and 1084 monitor near me, pick up only. So I sent a mail and told him I could come and buy the package, no problemos.

Earlier this week I got the go ahead and Monday this week I got on a small trip to the outside of Stockholm to pick up an A4000 sans keyboard and mouse and a 1084 monitor.

Stockholm, Sweden – the land of the second hand Amiga fourthousands. Man this is probably the tenth A4000 I pick up in 15 years time lol. (more…)

This is supposed to be an Indivision AGA A4000/CD32 review but since the scandoubler is the same design as the A1200 version what could be said about that version can be said about the A4000 version, get one, it is without doubt the best scandoubler/flickerfixer for the AGA Amiga computers.

This version only works in the Amiga 4000 desktop and in the CD32. I guess not many will buy it to mount it in the CD32 but it is a nice bonus (never say never). (more…)

I have been so busy with my work since the beginning of December I had to leave all my web projects to rest, hence no updates here on the Amiga blog or there in my bunker built of vintage Amiga Zorro cards, bombproof A2000 cases and prototype Amiga 3500 systems.

I am slowly crawling back up where I was back in November 2009 and I realized I have not done anything with my Amiga systems for quite a few months. (more…)