July 2010

There have been a few accelerators made for the Amiga 600. They are notoriously rare these days since most people just got a faster turbo board for their A1200 back in 97-98. Their popularity have only got bigger in recent times -Who does not want a small genuine 68k Amiga with a bit more speed boost than a stock 7.14MHz 68000 CPU?



If you are interested in purchasing the mouse pictured above go to the thread on Amigaworld.net forums and read the instructions here. (more…)

This is the fifth theme of this blog, lets hope I stick with it 🙂

I am going over all my pages so they will look great in the comming days, until then, have fun and I hope you like the theme!

How to add IDE to your Amiga 500

Judging by searchwords that people use to find my blog it seems many Amiga users are interested in adding IDE interface to their Amiga 500 so they can use cheap harddrives and Compact Flash cards. (more…)