November 2010


Just a new picture of the ACA 630/25 accelerator for the Amiga 600. The black plate on top of the card is the cooler for the CPU. I think it looks like a very professional product, I am currently on the lookout for an Amiga 600 and I am going to order the ACA 630/25 when it is in stock.

Already ordered an Amiga 600 kickstart switch and an A600 hardcover to keep Amiga 600 keyboard dust free.

Vesalia is an oldschool Amiga dealer, they are still going strong on selling Amiga stuff like it is still spring of 1993.

ACA-1230/28 incl. 64 MB RAM and RTC

The Individual Computers turbo card for the Amiga 1200 have showed up in the product listing at Vesalia with a price of about 100 euro, considering it is a 030 card with 64MB memory it is a wicked deal. Especially considering second hand Phase 5 Blizzard1230IV goes for 150-200+ euro here in Sweden, ocasionally a Blizzard1230IV have been sold for more than a Blizzard 060 or Apollo 060 card which is absurd.