January 2011

Just noticed an interesting post on a1k.org hinting coming exciting product from Individual Computers.

Seems like it is going to be a 020 based card with 8MB and IDE port, if any German reader knows more post in the comments please.

I post here the english machine translated content which is 25% garbage language but I think you might need some entertainment today.

Maybe the machine translator is broken, but aparently the turbo board is going to be able to connect to a A1200 turbo board(?!). Sounds weird, but exciting. Time to stock up on Blizzard 060 cards 😉


For many years it was known that Jens, king of Individual Computers, had a proto of a 030 CPU turbo card for the Amiga 600 running. Some peoples head exploded, they wanted to preorder two or three of them, most other only wanted one card but disaster struck – Jens took back the card from the market before it even entered it and destroyed it!

Years went by and the legend spread around the Amiga community. The proto he built was made of Apollo schematics,  Apollo turbo boards where all kinds of crap in one package that was the most unfriendly turbo ever made if you actually wanted to run it in your Amiga instead of flashing it on your Amiga hardware blog. There is actually a rumor out there that is confirmed, no guarantee that IC products will be working with Apollo cards.


Click Boom was a software company that is most famous for porting Quake to the Amiga. One can only speculate what ID software thought of the extra 8-9 turbo FPS mode of the 060 Amiga 4000 with Quake installed they got in their office as a loan from CB to grant sales of Amiga Quake. Maybe they thought Amiga Quake was pathetic, I think CB was more pathetic. PPC cards was just released but they decided to release only the 68k port, maybe they were hoping people on 030 boards where thinking they were going to play deathmatch all day long on their A2000 special with 52 MB SCSI drive.