I just ordered the Amiga 600 ACA630 030 25MHz 32MB A600 accelerator.

Tough news!

According to Jens on English Amiga board, one of the best Amiga boards on the net if you love 68k you should either order the new Amiga 630Β ACA030 accelerator now, or prepare to never expect it to return in stock πŸ™‚

The faster 64MB, 30MHz accelerator is already sold out but the stock 25MHz version with 32MB fast-mem is still availble. IMHO 32MB is fine and I would rather have a 50MHz 030 than pay 40 euro more for a 30MHz 030 so I wont cry over the more expensive version being long gone. If I want brutal speed I could just as well invest into an 80 MHz crystal for my Apollo 1260 and have one ofΒ the fastest A1200 060 in Sweden.


Anyways, if you look into the future and want a turbo charged Amiga 600 runninga reliable accelerator, act now or hit eBay next few years to hunt down those rare A600 turbo cards.