Check this out, AlfaPower 500 is an IDE harddrive interface and memory expansion for the Amiga 500. First thing that hits you is the power and activity lights on the front. They are actually also buttons. One button lets you turn expansion memory on and off and the other button lets you disable the harddrive in order to make it more compatible with floppy-based software hard coded for a stock A500 with 0.5 MB chip and 0.5 MB fast.


Opened up you can see how tight the 3.5 inch IDE harddrive fits in the small interface enclosure.


Here you can catch a glimpse of the extra memory, AlfaPower harddrive controllers exists in two versions, one version supports 72-pin memory and the other version (which is portrayed in the picture) supports ZIP-style memory (which is a lot harder to come by than 72-pin memory SIMM these days).


With the harddrive removed you can more easily see how the board layout is arranged. Take notice that there is booth a 2.5 inch and a 3.5 inch IDE pin header in back of the board.


Here is a close-up of the ZIP-ram sockets. As with most memory expansion hardware for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 the maximum amount of memory that fits is 8 MB. That would have cost a small fortune in the beginning of the 90โ€™ies so I can definitely understand why there is only 2 MB mounted in this unit.


Providing booth 3.5 and 2.5 inch pin header is a nice touch. There is a socket for an external power supply on the back of the card but depending on how heavily modified the Amiga is it might not be necessary to use one (I do not).