I got an idea today to try out if the Buddha Flash Phoenix edition Zorro2 IDE controller works in an A500 through an 86-pin to 100-Pin adapter.

It did not work.

There were two pins on the 100-Pin Zorro 2 slot which I could not find in the Amiga 500 so I suspect that is why it did not work 100%.

When I booted off floppy I could get the harddrive to show up in HDToolBox, I could partition the drive but the partitions would not show up on Workbench. The Buddha card also refused to boot any IDE hard drive with a previous Workbench installation.


This is actually the second Amiga 500 Zorro 2 adapter I have made. The previous one did work with a Commodore 2 MB Zorro 2 memory expansion card but failed to work with a couple of other cards.

There are a couple of other solutions for running an internal hard drive inside the Amiga 500. Or maybe I should be happy with the GVP HD8+?

As was well known even before the internet (thanks to pin outs in the manuals of A500 and A2000), the slot on the side of the Amiga 500 is almost a full Zorro 2 slot.

So where do you find the 100-pin and 86-pin slot?

Easy, your rip it out of old motherboards (not Amiga motherboards). You need two ISA-slots to make one Zorro2 slot. I just cut up ISA-slots, attached them to a single Zorro 2 card and added plastic strips over the joints together with two part glue. Let it cure a couple of hours and you have a Zorro slot for Amiga projects.