Hi guys,

As an offer to the community I have begun phasing out some Amiga hardware from my collection.

I am going to do a deluxe version of this page in the future with photos etc…

For sale, updated January 2011

  • Amiga 500 Zorro 2 adapter for 1 x Zorro 2 card, 25 euro
  • Two broken Bmon switches, 50 euro (I know whats wrong with them, can be fixed)
  • CyberVision64 graphics card, Zorro 3 only, 180 euro
  • 2 x external floppy drives, 25 euro
  • 2 x broken Z2 memory cards with memory, maybe memory works? 25 euro
  • A couple of A500 motherboards in various states, 25 euro

I also have loads of classic PC stuff! If you are looking for hardware parts for an MS-DOS box, I got what you need.

  • 386 motherboard with 8 MB RAM and floppy/IDE-controller 80 euro
  • 486 DX2 66MHz with 8 MB RAM and floppy/IDE-controller 80 euro
  • 486 133MHz singleboard computer, runs Doom x-tremely fast (faster than my old PCI 486 from back in the day). You need a passive backplane for it, no integrated VGA so you need a ISA VGA card! 50 euro
  • 400MHz AMD SBC, 25 euro.
  • A bunch of old soundcards, SB 8-bit and 16/32-bit cards (proper MS-DOS cards, no WIN95 junk).
  • If you are in Sweden, feel free to purchase classic AT baby tower with turbo button etc…
  • If you take it all, special price only for you

Below are stuff that will be for sale later in the year, if you are interested find me on the net or send message.

  • A4000 Desktop, with C= 030 card or C= 040, incl keyboard and maybe a mouse and harddrive 180 euro
  • A3000 incl keyboard and mouse, depending if I can fix it, price unknown at the moment, possibly around 160 euro.
  • Indivision AGA A4000D/CD32, 120 euro, as new

    Feel free to come up with an offer if price is insane.

    Thanks for looking :)