There have been a few accelerators made for the Amiga 600. They are notoriously rare these days since most people just got a faster turbo board for their A1200 back in 97-98. Their popularity have only got bigger in recent times -Who does not want a small genuine 68k Amiga with a bit more speed boost than a stock 7.14MHz 68000 CPU?

One of the most sought after turbo board for the A600 is the Apollo A630 which has a 030 CPU and a 72-pin SIMM slot so you can take your Amiga 600 to 32MB and beyond.

Apollo 630 is a genuine collector’s item so do not expect it to come cheap (if you are not lucky that is).
Some things to keep in mind if you are aiming for the luxury of having 030 power in your small Amiga system, you should consider adding a heatsink to the 030 CPU and a fan either to the heatsink or the upper half of the A600 case. 030 runs hot and old hardware should not cook itself to death.

If you are salivating over the idea of installing a 030 board into your Amiga 600 I suggest you head over to right now and take a look at the A630 that is just now offered for sale!

Apollo 630 on AmiBay