When the net really took off in the 90’ies you could easily surf the net with your Amiga and join in on the Internet revolution (if you had a somewhat expanded Amiga). Modems could be connected to the Amiga without special hardware.


When broadband arrived, demand for Ethernet cards for Amiga suddenly increased, which was great since many nice Ethernet cards where released. Prices for these Zorro2 cards where slightly (maybe a lot) more than for a similarly ISA based Ethernet card for a PC, well it was enough for some of my friends to wonder if people who where into Amiga at the time where nuts.ariadne2-nic-3.jpgVillage Tronic who is most probably best well known for the fabulous PicassoIV and Picasso2 (which is a great card but not as fabulous as PicassoIV) graphics cards made the Ariadne and Ariadne 2 network cards, which I have the second edition and which is photographed in the pictures. Village Tronic is actually still around but have since long abandoned the Amiga market their last project an unreleased 3DFX module for PicassoIV (who can blame them).

Some really old network cards for the Amiga do not have twisted pair connector, just a coax stump. That is not really a problem since there are lots of converters, but I think it is neat to have twisted pair on the card. Ariadne cards are solid and great vintage Amiga network cards and having a network card in an Amiga is quite nice actually, being able to get to your shares on your fileserver from Workbench.

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