Amiga 1200

Part 1: Building an Amiga 1200 tower, part 1: mounting motherboard and BlizzardPPC

So during my X-mas vacation I finally got some time to put in to my A1200T power Amiga build that I oh so optimistically wrote about back in September.



I have been quite busy last couple of months so there has been no time for any activity such as messing around with Amiga gear.

So it was with great anticipation I awaited the days between x-mas and New Years Eve because there would be a 99% chance no work would turn up, and I was right.



I have been trying to sell this Amiga 1200 tower case for over a year without luck so in a desperate final attempt I am going to stuff it with a MicroniK Z2 busboard, a Phase 5 BlizzardPPC and some other goodies to try and sell as a complete A1200T system.

For this to succeed I need a PC-keyboard adapter, so if any of my loyal readers happen to have a PC-keyboard adapter for an A1200 they want to sell just contact me and we can work out a deal.


Hi guys,

With expanding family comes space problems. I need to make some space in our home so I need to let my Gift Top A1200 tower go.

The Gift Top A1200 tower is a super nice tower custom made for Amiga 1200 motherboard, it has an AT PSU with connector for Amiga motherboard, space for PCI or Zorro bussboard and a very neat holder for your expensive turbocard so it stays put.

If you need an image, check it out here.

I should be able to put up a few images here also when I get back from work.

I am only asking what I got it for, which is 80 euro, freight to europe seems to be around 20 euro so lets say 100 euro incl freight. That is for the empty tower and the PSU. Or if you have your ways around Stockholm city you can always pick it up sans shipping charges.

I happen to have a MicroniK 6860 Zorro 2 bussboard that fit perfectly in this case, if you want a deal we can always work something out!

Yes, this is what my teaser from the previous post is going to become. Yesterday I picked up a very nice Gift Tower System for the Amiga from Amigaz.

It is an excellent Amiga 1200 tower and must be quite rare since not much information about the tower is available on the net.

IMHO nothing beats the looks of the first generation MicroniK A1200 steel tower with the hinged door over the drive bays, but I have to admit that this Gift tower looks totally awesome with three external 3.5” drive bays and three external 5.25” drive bays and a nice calm front without overexposed cooling vents.

Office gray rules!


I have been reluctantly considering posting information about my latest project. It seems the more you post about a project, the more likely the project will never fly. However I have come quite far on this one so I am taking a chance here.

Anyway, I got inspired to put together one of my A1200 with a final configuration and keep it like that when I toyed with the Indivision scandoubler last weekend.


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