Amiga 3000

I have for sale a second hand Phase 5 CyberVision64 card (not CyberVision64-3D!). It is a Zorro 3 only graphics card (A3000/A4000/T). It has been fully populated with RAM.

Unfortunately I do not own any working big box Amiga computers anymore, I have a broken A3000 waiting for repair so I can not test it, it was working when I got it mounted inside an Amiga 4000 last year though.

I am thinking about 130 euro incl shipping to most countries (far away countries might be more expensive, shipping from Sweden, payment with Paypal, Germans, Swizz can off course pay with bank transfer if you want).

Many thanks!

Last year I restored a broken Amiga 3000. Some chips on the motherboard where broken and I was lucky to find someone on the net who sold replacement chips. After that Amiga was repaired I sold it off and it felt great to be able to blow some life into a system that could have ended up on the scrap heap.

I got an offer to buy this A3000 today which I could not refuse.


ZorRAM 128/256 MB memory expansion for Amiga systems with Zorro3 bus

ZorRAM 128/256 MB memory expansion for Amiga systems with Zorro3 bus

Typically I do not promote products I do not own and having not made up my mind yet if I should add one of these memory expansions to my Amiga 4000 it would be dangerous for me to write about it without be tempted to purchase a card in the future even though my A4000 is already packing 128MB fast mem. (more…)


Can you spot the fault on this CyberStormPPC Amiga 3000/4000 accelerator?

As mentioned earlier on my Amiga blog I got this Amiga 3000 in February. The seller mentioned that it was broken, the graphics flickered a lot and left garbage characters on the screen, price was really good so I gambled on this one, hopefully I could fix the machine.

Amiga 3000 motherboard close up

After searching the net for a solution to garbled Amiga 3000 graphics I finally found a plausible solution.

It seems like there are a couple of chips –U202 and U203- on the A3000 motherboard that runs fairly hot and have been known of producing flickering graphics if broken. Finding them would not be that difficult, there ought to be quite a lot of broken A3000 systems around the world where I could get the chips from, however I found out that you can burn your own chips which will run a bit cooler than the original chips.

Another search on the internet and I found someone in Canada who could sell the chips to me for 16 dollars.

Anxiously waiting, the chips finally showed up two weeks after purchase and after fitting them to the broken Amiga and powering the old workstation up I was greeted with a flicker-free and stable screen!

The A3000 as it is today –totally stock with Kickstart 2.1-, is actually a nice computer as it is. Yes, the 030-25MHz CPU is SLOW, but then, it is faster than a stock A1200 (or an Amiga 500 for that matter).

You need the chips to for your broken Amiga 3000? Check out this thread on Lemon64

I just got my third Amiga 3000 ever. Previously I have owned one that I bought on an auction site back in 1999. I sold that one quite fast since I already had a pretty maxed out A4000 at the time.

Next one was offered by my friend in 2003 for only 50 euro. It was slightly broken though, did not find any fast mem on the ZIP-chip sockets so I sold it off to someone else.

Third one is surprisingly broken too, graphics are garbled but everything else seems to be working 100%. I have already purchased replacement chips so if that fixes the problem with the graphics I will be happy.

No pics this time though, but prepare for some updates in the comming weeks when I get my camera back.