Amiga 4000


Can you spot the fault on this CyberStormPPC Amiga 3000/4000 accelerator?

Amiga 4000 desktop in a cardboard box

Amiga 4000 desktop in a cardboard box

My spare Amiga 4000 have now found a new owner somewhere else in Europe. I wish the new owner good luck with the machine and many years of happy usage.

Wow, this weekend have been one of the most intense Amiga weekends in a long time from a personal view.

Amiga Friday

Last Friday I went to pick up my Deneb USB2 card for my Amiga 4000. I was actually expecting to have it fully installed and running in my trusty A4000 in one hour, top two hour. I mean it is only a silly USB card (it is more than that as you will see in the future Deneb Amiga USB card review). (more…)

Deneb USB 2.0 Zorro card for Amiga computers

Deneb USB 2.0 Zorro card for Amiga computers

I received a Deneb USB 2.0 card for my Amiga 4000 today. I thought I would write a short review today after an hour of playing with it or so, however I have forgotten that back when “computers used to be fun”, plug and play did not exist 🙂 (more…)

Jens Schoenfeld Amiga-innovator extraordinaire and boss of Individual Computer – making good hardware for good computers, established 1986 (I guess). Most famous for making hardware devices for the Amiga with additional clock ports as a bonus have posted a question on everyone still running a genuine Amiga 4000T should find and answer pronto!

Question is how many would be interested in an Indivision scandoubler/flickerfixer compatible with the Amiga 4000 tower (the genuine 5-slot Zorro Escom/Commodore tower that is, not some ugly half finished Amiga 4000 Desktop DIY hack from 1997)? (more…)

I guess broken SIMM sockets in the A4000 is no news for most Amiga enthusiasts these days. You rather expect a second hand Amiga 4000 to have broken SIMM sockets than not.

The kind of SIMM sockets used in the Amiga 4000 is all plastic, the little tabs holding the SIMM secure has a bad habit of breaking off, meaning the 72-pin memory SIMM is only held down with one tab or in my case, with no tab at all since both where broken off.

The previous owner of this A4000 motherboard had come up with a genius solution of making a cardboard lasagne above the 72-pin memory and below the lowest Zorro card, a solution that -incredibly- worked stable but did not look so good.


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