Amiga 500

Just noticed an interesting post on hinting coming exciting product from Individual Computers.

Seems like it is going to be a 020 based card with 8MB and IDE port, if any German reader knows more post in the comments please.

I post here the english machine translated content which is 25% garbage language but I think you might need some entertainment today.

Maybe the machine translator is broken, but aparently the turbo board is going to be able to connect to a A1200 turbo board(?!). Sounds weird, but exciting. Time to stock up on Blizzard 060 cards 😉


Finally time to let some Amiga system out of my collection.

CU A4000

First one of my Amiga 4000 is going out. It has got an absolutely fantastic clean motherboard, battery removed and there is no trace at all of battery leakage. It has an original Commodore 030 card inside even though case says it is the 040 version. Case is in good condition, not yellowed and there are no dents or bumps to the steel cover.

Inside it is empty besides 16 MB fast RAM and C= CPU card. I have taken this A4000 to the limit with PPC 233MHz, Indivision A4000D and CVPPC and now it is back in more humble state. Still kicking major ass as usual.


How to add IDE to your Amiga 500

Judging by searchwords that people use to find my blog it seems many Amiga users are interested in adding IDE interface to their Amiga 500 so they can use cheap harddrives and Compact Flash cards. (more…)

You may remember my home made Amiga 500 86 pin to 100 pin Zorro slot adapter that I built a couple of years ago.

It did  work with some Zorro 2 cards but it failed to work with the Buddha Phoenix IDE-card (which was the reason I built it).

I always wanted more professional solution if I ever want to mess around with Zorro cards on the Amiga 500 again so when I noticed these cheap A500 Zorro card adapters where on sale on Amibay I ordered one without hesitation. (more…)

I went through my harddrive looking for old Webprojects and I found some pictures I snapped when I tried to convert an Amiga 500 keyboard into an external keyboard.

I never finished the job because I got an A4000 quite soon after beginning the project which came with an original external Amiga keyboard.


Sometimes simple is good. There is just something really cool about a kickstart switch for the Amiga.

Add it to an A500 and you have a reason to have a cool shiny stainless steel switch through a hole in the A500 cover.


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