Amiga 600

As the user base of classic Amiga shrinks down more and more it becomes more apparent that soon it is up to the users themselves to produce cool hardware that have been sold out for years or that nobody created.

This is not the first internal IDE to CompactF lash adapter made, but it is not really for internal CF-use in the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200, you should cut out a slot above the slot for the PCMCIA-card and then you will be able to remove and push in your Amiga HD (CF-card) very easy, very neat.

This little adapter is made by Kipper2k, you can find the official thread on English Amiga Board, or you can find out all about this cool Amiga device on his site:

(Look at the site for a printable template in order to do a neat cut in your A1200/A600 case)

There is many alternatives to connecting Compact Flash to your Amiga 600/1200, this is one is great because it does not interference with the Indivision in the A1200 or ACA630 in the A600, and it is in a totally cool white PCB color too!

If you want one I suggest you get one now before they sell out forever!

For many years it was known that Jens, king of Individual Computers, had a proto of a 030 CPU turbo card for the Amiga 600 running. Some peoples head exploded, they wanted to preorder two or three of them, most other only wanted one card but disaster struck – Jens took back the card from the market before it even entered it and destroyed it!

Years went by and the legend spread around the Amiga community. The proto he built was made of Apollo schematics,  Apollo turbo boards where all kinds of crap in one package that was the most unfriendly turbo ever made if you actually wanted to run it in your Amiga instead of flashing it on your Amiga hardware blog. There is actually a rumor out there that is confirmed, no guarantee that IC products will be working with Apollo cards.


I just ordered the Amiga 600 ACA630 030 25MHz 32MB A600 accelerator.

Tough news!

According to Jens on English Amiga board, one of the best Amiga boards on the net if you love 68k you should either order the new Amiga 630 ACA030 accelerator now, or prepare to never expect it to return in stock :)



Just a new picture of the ACA 630/25 accelerator for the Amiga 600. The black plate on top of the card is the cooler for the CPU. I think it looks like a very professional product, I am currently on the lookout for an Amiga 600 and I am going to order the ACA 630/25 when it is in stock.

Already ordered an Amiga 600 kickstart switch and an A600 hardcover to keep Amiga 600 keyboard dust free.

Vesalia is an oldschool Amiga dealer, they are still going strong on selling Amiga stuff like it is still spring of 1993.

ACA-1230/28 incl. 64 MB RAM and RTC

The Individual Computers turbo card for the Amiga 1200 have showed up in the product listing at Vesalia with a price of about 100 euro, considering it is a 030 card with 64MB memory it is a wicked deal. Especially considering second hand Phase 5 Blizzard1230IV goes for 150-200+ euro here in Sweden, ocasionally a Blizzard1230IV have been sold for more than a Blizzard 060 or Apollo 060 card which is absurd.


Things are moving forward for Jens of Individual Computing and the new A1200 and A600 accelerator cards. The ACA630 as I think it is called in prototype form is now physically fully working in prototype form.

The ACA630 Amiga 600 card can fit together with the A603 memory card and ECS Indivision scandoubler without problems inside the tiny A600 case. You will not however be able to fit the internal floppy drive if you want to run the internal scandoubler.


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