It seems like it was yesterday I started up Vintage Amiga Hardware Blog, time marches on and it does seem like I have done almost everything there is to do with an Amiga.

From basic A500 modifications to souped up Amiga 1200 with PPC and BVision, from loaded A4000 systems, broken A3000 to high end workstations packed with heat, full SCSI systems and even new school AmigaOS 4.1 systems to MorphOS systems, I been there and done it all.

But off course there is much more to do, for that I leave it to the rest of the Amiga fans to find out.

Have fun!

I have for sale a second hand Phase 5 CyberVision64 card (not CyberVision64-3D!). It is a Zorro 3 only graphics card (A3000/A4000/T). It has been fully populated with RAM.

Unfortunately I do not own any working big box Amiga computers anymore, I have a broken A3000 waiting for repair so I can not test it, it was working when I got it mounted inside an Amiga 4000 last year though.

I am thinking about 130 euro incl shipping to most countries (far away countries might be more expensive, shipping from Sweden, payment with Paypal, Germans, Swizz can off course pay with bank transfer if you want).

Many thanks!

Just noticed an interesting post on a1k.org hinting coming exciting product from Individual Computers.

Seems like it is going to be a 020 based card with 8MB and IDE port, if any German reader knows more post in the comments please.

I post here the english machine translated content which is 25% garbage language but I think you might need some entertainment today.

Maybe the machine translator is broken, but aparently the turbo board is going to be able to connect to a A1200 turbo board(?!). Sounds weird, but exciting. Time to stock up on Blizzard 060 cards 😉


For many years it was known that Jens, king of Individual Computers, had a proto of a 030 CPU turbo card for the Amiga 600 running. Some peoples head exploded, they wanted to preorder two or three of them, most other only wanted one card but disaster struck – Jens took back the card from the market before it even entered it and destroyed it!

Years went by and the legend spread around the Amiga community. The proto he built was made of Apollo schematics,  Apollo turbo boards where all kinds of crap in one package that was the most unfriendly turbo ever made if you actually wanted to run it in your Amiga instead of flashing it on your Amiga hardware blog. There is actually a rumor out there that is confirmed, no guarantee that IC products will be working with Apollo cards.


This is a very special part for the MicroniK A1200 tower case made out of genuine German plastic.

It is a PC-keyboard interface but it is very big for being such an interface because I think it is made to be fitted inside one of the famous MicroniK Amiga 1200 plastic towers (the one that breaks apart if you sneeze on it).


I forgot if these things where called BMON, AMON or UMON, but it is a monitor switcher that Eyetech used to sell and make.

It has a switch and you can connect your CV64-3D or CVPPC graphcs card to the switcher. The switcher has pinouts for another display output, I used these with a DCE scandoubler/Flickerfixer, the cable fits without adapter. With a modern scandoubler I think you have to make an adapter to fit the BMON.


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