Now you can turn off your Pegasos 2 next-gen Amiga from the workbench!

 Now you can turn off your Pegasos 2 next-gen Amiga from the workbench!

As lame as it sounds I have actually been quite annoyed that I can not shut off my next-gen Pegasos 2 based AmigaOS 4.1 system from the Workbench. I mean this is not a classic AT-system with an old school mechanic on-off switch, it is just like a PC, an ATX-system where you should be able to shut off the computer software wise. (more…)

AmigaOS 4.0 in all its glory

AmigaOS 4.1 in all its glory

AmigaOS 4.1 is not vintage or retro so you might wonder why such topic is the matter of the day here in the underground bunkers of Vintage Amiga Hardware Blog? (more…)

So I finally got my package of AmigaOS4.1 for Pegasos 2 this Friday and it has been all kinds of awesome kick ass experience, I kid you not, this is the greatest thing since A500, almost.

Initially I though I would miss functionality of my classic big box systems but no, I have not missed them yet. Everything is lightening fast on the 1 GHz G4 CPU, and unlike CyberStormPPC I have 650 MB left instead of around 96 MB on my A4000.

So you are not going to play Shadow of the beast on OS 4.1, but it is still the same Workbench you know you like on ten times the legal amount of steroids you can legally use (i.e none).

Who wants to buy a CyberStormPPC 233MHz with 060, 128 MB and CyberVisionPPC? 😉


Just yesterday I picked up an A4000 I bought from the net. My last Amiga 4000 had a broken floppy controller and came in an ugly Elbox tower, I much prefer stock A4000 desktop cases so I had to get one of those instead. Today OS4 came in the mailbox so currently I am installing AmigaOS4 on my A4000D with PPC/CVPPC. Expect to find a review here soon! :)


If you havent lived under a rock for the last couple of months you probably know that OS4 (aka Workbench 4.0) is going to be released november 30 this year for Amiga computers with a PowerPC turbo board.


Everyone who knows the difference between an A500 and A500+ has probably heard about OS4 being released exclusively for classic PPC hardware late November (this year, not in 2008, 2009 or 2010+). Well so do I, and I think the difference between the A500 and the A500+ is that some games do not work well on the A500+ (just kidding).