Part 1: Building an Amiga 1200 tower, part 1: mounting motherboard and BlizzardPPC

So during my X-mas vacation I finally got some time to put in to my A1200T power Amiga build that I oh so optimistically wrote about back in September.



I have been trying to sell this Amiga 1200 tower case for over a year without luck so in a desperate final attempt I am going to stuff it with a MicroniK Z2 busboard, a Phase 5 BlizzardPPC and some other goodies to try and sell as a complete A1200T system.

For this to succeed I need a PC-keyboard adapter, so if any of my loyal readers happen to have a PC-keyboard adapter for an A1200 they want to sell just contact me and we can work out a deal.


Wow, this weekend have been one of the most intense Amiga weekends in a long time from a personal view.

Amiga Friday

Last Friday I went to pick up my Deneb USB2 card for my Amiga 4000. I was actually expecting to have it fully installed and running in my trusty A4000 in one hour, top two hour. I mean it is only a silly USB card (it is more than that as you will see in the future Deneb Amiga USB card review). (more…)

I went through my harddrive looking for old Webprojects and I found some pictures I snapped when I tried to convert an Amiga 500 keyboard into an external keyboard.

I never finished the job because I got an A4000 quite soon after beginning the project which came with an original external Amiga keyboard.



Today I picked up a used Amiga 4000 desktop packed with some goodies such as CyberStorm PPC 040, 180 MHz PPC, SunRize AD516 16-bit soundcard and a couple of other bits.


The A4000D is one of my favourite Amiga computers because of its relatively small size, expansion potential and good looks, they where also very popular, at least here in Sweden..


Yes, this is what my teaser from the previous post is going to become. Yesterday I picked up a very nice Gift Tower System for the Amiga from Amigaz.

It is an excellent Amiga 1200 tower and must be quite rare since not much information about the tower is available on the net.

IMHO nothing beats the looks of the first generation MicroniK A1200 steel tower with the hinged door over the drive bays, but I have to admit that this Gift tower looks totally awesome with three external 3.5” drive bays and three external 5.25” drive bays and a nice calm front without overexposed cooling vents.

Office gray rules!


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