Zorro card

I have for sale a second hand Phase 5 CyberVision64 card (not CyberVision64-3D!). It is a Zorro 3 only graphics card (A3000/A4000/T). It has been fully populated with RAM.

Unfortunately I do not own any working big box Amiga computers anymore, I have a broken A3000 waiting for repair so I can not test it, it was working when I got it mounted inside an Amiga 4000 last year though.

I am thinking about 130 euro incl shipping to most countries (far away countries might be more expensive, shipping from Sweden, payment with Paypal, Germans, Swizz can off course pay with bank transfer if you want).

Many thanks!

Finally time to let some Amiga system out of my collection.

CU A4000

First one of my Amiga 4000 is going out. It has got an absolutely fantastic clean motherboard, battery removed and there is no trace at all of battery leakage. It has an original Commodore 030 card inside even though case says it is the 040 version. Case is in good condition, not yellowed and there are no dents or bumps to the steel cover.

Inside it is empty besides 16 MB fast RAM and C= CPU card. I have taken this A4000 to the limit with PPC 233MHz, Indivision A4000D and CVPPC and now it is back in more humble state. Still kicking major ass as usual.


For most former Amiga users who owned an A500 with an external floppy drive and a Posso floppy box with 100 pirate copies the thought of needing a sound card for an Amiga is crazy. The Amiga already had built in sound and quite good was it too.


However it was no 16-bit audio and that may or may not show (sound) these days. Granted old classic modules won’t ever sound better with a sound card but what if you want to play an MP3 in 16-bit on that hi-end big box Amiga with 060 and PPC?



When the net really took off in the 90’ies you could easily surf the net with your Amiga and join in on the Internet revolution (if you had a somewhat expanded Amiga). Modems could be connected to the Amiga without special hardware.


If you ask me which Amiga hardware is the most boring I would probably mention the Multiface3 card because they are so common and useless (at least for me) these days. Ok, that might have been a dumb statement by me -calling the Multiface3 card useless, when I write about external floppy drives in these times of WHDLoad.



The Cybervision64 3D card is one of the most popular graphics cards for the Amiga and was made by Phase 5 who created some of the most incredible hardware for the Amiga like the PowerPC turbo boards and the Cyberstorm 040/060 accelerators.



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