I went through my harddrive looking for old Webprojects and I found some pictures I snapped when I tried to convert an Amiga 500 keyboard into an external keyboard.

I never finished the job because I got an A4000 quite soon after beginning the project which came with an original external Amiga keyboard.

Once upon a time PC-keyboard interfaces where rare and hard to come by, but once they appeared in greater numbers they played a major part in popularising Amiga tower conversions. Most Amigas can be hooked up to a proper external Amiga keyboard since the signals are available on the motherboard (instructions are in the Amiga hardware manuals or Aminet IIRC), you just need to wire up a connector. I actually prefer a proper Amiga keyboard when in an Amiga environment because Win95 buttons mess up writing IMHO. It has actually gone as far that I do not use Win95-style keyboards on my PC, I rather use an old school ICL AT-keyboard meant to be used at libraries (the keys are extra silent).

Anyway, check out the pictures, maybe they can inspire you to do something similar!

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