Last year I restored a broken Amiga 3000. Some chips on the motherboard where broken and I was lucky to find someone on the net who sold replacement chips. After that Amiga was repaired I sold it off and it felt great to be able to blow some life into a system that could have ended up on the scrap heap.

I got an offer to buy this A3000 today which I could not refuse.

The Amiga 3000 was once the top of the line Amiga by Commodore, it was aimed at the professional market exclusively, if the looks of it did not tell you that, the price tag of it surely would. A top of the line system was definitely over 2000 euro back in the day. For many the A3000 is a special computer, it is the last Amiga where they pulled all out. The A600 was not really meant to happen, the A1200 and A4000 could have been a lot more powerful. If you compare the A3000 to later systems from Commodore you see the huge leap between A500 and A3000, let us compare the A3000 to the A4000.

Comparing A4000 to the A3000 is very interesting. The A3000 came with built in scandoubler and flicker fixer, it had integrated SCSI on the motherboard, space for 16 MB fast memory and fast Zorro 3 slots.

The A4000 lacked the hardware scandoubler/flickerfixer, instead you could run a flicker free screen mode in Workbench for system friendly applications, SCSI was nowhere to be seen but just how useful it would have been to have SCSI instead of IDE is an interesting debate. Point is, the difference is modern SMC components and the AGA chipset. At the time of the release for AGA it was already behind modern PC with their 256 color modes that was beginning to be able to rotate graphics around as fast as a 16 color Amiga screen.

But it is totally unnecessary to dive into the past. What has happened has happened and you will never know how the 65000 color prototype that was supposed to be the real “A4000” would have established Amiga in the 90’ies, and you did know about the plans with the Alpha CPU too did you?

Back to the Commodore A3000

Anyway, this fine Amiga 3000 that I purchased today is going to become my little winter project.

First thing that hits you is that there is a huge hole in the front where a SCSI DAT tape backup was placed. The front is going to be replaced with a new front. So if anyone got a spare Amiga 3000 front over just send me a mail and maybe we can come up with a price?

Then I was thinking of replacing the fan in the PSU, it looks toasted and could need a quiet fresh 80mm fan. Off course I will need to set up a new Workbench 3.1 system on a SCSI drive I have saved from a previous Amiga.

And hopefully  when I am done it will end up at someone who thinks the A3000 is the last true Amiga and it will get some more mileage!


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