Got a tip from a friend on the net of someone selling an Amiga 4000 and 1084 monitor near me, pick up only. So I sent a mail and told him I could come and buy the package, no problemos.

Earlier this week I got the go ahead and Monday this week I got on a small trip to the outside of Stockholm to pick up an A4000 sans keyboard and mouse and a 1084 monitor.

Stockholm, Sweden – the land of the second hand Amiga fourthousands. Man this is probably the tenth A4000 I pick up in 15 years time lol.

Anyway I met a great Amiga dude who ran an old elite BBS back in the day, he still kept one of his A4000 and some other Amiga gear so it was nice to see someone else keeping it real  in these stormy times of polished Apple goods and brutal x86 performance even though time marches a head and our cell phones are more advanced than the triple A chipset would have ever been.

Long live Amiga!

It is always interesting to pick up second hand Amiga 4000 systems, you NEVER know what you will get. This A4000 was advertised that it came with a network card but otherwise just a basic 030 based A4000 with a harddrive and CD-rom, nothing fancy.

The case was in great condition, no yellowing at all. Floppy drive is a 880KB unit (a proper half height unit). Inside, there were no Zorro cards, just your standard C= 030 CPU board, hey, what about the NIC?

Well, in reality the NIC was just your basic 1 dollar ISA Realtech Taiwan clone Ethernet card, no it wont work in Workbench, no it will NEVER work in Workbench, I wonder how many worldwide gets confused with the ISA slots in the Amiga thinking they can run any kind of PC ISA-card in Workbench, ah too bad, you loose sometimes and win sometimes 🙂

There were some surprises though, under the CPU board two 3.1 chips where hidden, I expected to find 3.0 chips.

And finally the real mystery, motherboard was missing one SIMM-slot. And the SIMM slots had been replaced with better quality ones (the stock all plastic SIMM slots SUCK big time!). So I assumed that whoever replaced the SIMM slots did not bother with the last one because a leaked battery had rendered it useless. But by judging the area around the missing battery (the previous owner had thankfully removed it before leaking to much) it was visually in fine condition, actually the motherboard was way cleaner than I would expect a second hand A4000 motherboard to be which was kinda cool.

Anyway, when I tried it at home I could not resist measuring it with my Watt meter (yes I know they are not accurate bla bla bla bla). It was measured at 51 watt with a harddrive spinning idle at Workbench (FYI my old badass maxed to the roof A4000 060/233PPC with CVPPC, loaded was around 90-100 watt).

And then we have the Commodore 1084 monitor. IMHO the 1084 is a classic, but to be honest with you I actually hate these things, too small, not so stable picture and not that crystal clear (but hey it does have that fuzzy CRT look that makes games look awesome).

I have got the impression some people really like these monitors, so I am planning to get rid of it asap.

Guess how much watt the monitor consumed?

Yeah, you guessed right, 71 watt. Talk about energy efficient monitor (not).

I though about having the 1084 monitor around to play Saturn games in TATE mode, but I can just as well play them on my 52” LCD instead, the picture will be larger than on the 1084 even though I will have 35 cm black borders on the sides (!).

Oh, and my 52” LCD consumes 82 watt in ECO mode (really dark), 150 watt in ECO light (bright) mode and 200 watt in standard mode (very bright).