This is supposed to be an Indivision AGA A4000/CD32 review but since the scandoubler is the same design as the A1200 version what could be said about that version can be said about the A4000 version, get one, it is without doubt the best scandoubler/flickerfixer for the AGA Amiga computers.

This version only works in the Amiga 4000 desktop and in the CD32. I guess not many will buy it to mount it in the CD32 but it is a nice bonus (never say never).

For Amiga 4000T owners (the genuine C=/Escom tower) you are at the moment out of luck, Jens have flagged he may do a special A4000T version of the scandoubler if enough users wants one, but as of now nor this or the A1200 variant will fit the Amiga 4000 tower.

My Amiga 4000 feels really complete right now, but I am considering selling the PPC board and replacing it with a solid Phase 5 CyberStormMK2 060 board instead together with a Phase 5 CyberVision 64 3D card.

I guess you should really get one of the cards if you miss being able to run a modern monitor on you big box A4000. The price is a bit steep but considering you can run 1024×768 with the superb HighGFX drivers you can almost view the Indivision AGA scandoubler as a kind of budget graphics card. Recommended, two thumbs up (even though its missing a clock port 😉 )!