I have been so busy with my work since the beginning of December I had to leave all my web projects to rest, hence no updates here on the Amiga blog or there in my bunker built of vintage Amiga Zorro cards, bombproof A2000 cases and prototype Amiga 3500 systems.

I am slowly crawling back up where I was back in November 2009 and I realized I have not done anything with my Amiga systems for quite a few months.

So last week I decided to check out my A1200 with the Apollo 1260, it suddenly stopped working when I played some Indy Heat on my 52” LCD, not the first time the Apollo time refused to work. Actually happens a lot. I thought about ripping the 060 chip of the turbo and throwing the f”n card in the trash once for all, but stopped once I realized that once it WAS working then it worked fine, so it was probably some kind of contact issue with the components on the board. I let the Amiga 1200 sit in the closet for 6 weeks and then I tried it again, no go. I put some pressure on some chips, and then it worked. Nice, I have a 060 again. Let’s hope it stays working now.

While fixing up my A1200 I noticed how nice it was to have a quality scandoubler/flickerfixer in an Amiga so I finally decided to sell my internal DCE scandoubler I have been running in my Amiga 4000 for the last four years in order to purchase an Indivison AGA for the A4000. Off course you can expect a review here once I get it, but I guess I already know what to say right now, get one before they sell out in case you do not want to pay double or triple for what it costs now.

And yeah… I should, really, and I mean really, really, really configure that Deneb USB Zorro  card so that I can write a review of it here, trust me, it is coming this spring, only on the one, the only, the Vintage Amiga Hardware Blog.