Things are moving forward for Jens of Individual Computing and the new A1200 and A600 accelerator cards. The ACA630 as I think it is called in prototype form is now physically fully working in prototype form.

The ACA630 Amiga 600 card can fit together with the A603 memory card and ECS Indivision scandoubler without problems inside the tiny A600 case. You will not however be able to fit the internal floppy drive if you want to run the internal scandoubler.

But there is a solution to that, you will be able to run the external floppy drive as DF0:, or disable the internal and external drive together. It would have been awesome to be able to run an internal DF0: floppy drive with the memory card and scandoubler IMHO, maybe with some creative modding perhaps?

 I will myself find out later in the year when I get hold of my Amiga 600 and an ACA630 030 turbo card.

Very nice news altogether but I am finding out what it is really about, now when we are spoiled of high end 030 cards for A600 from IC. Cards that recently was the equivalent of unobtainium if you did not blink twice paying 500 dollars for such a hardware item nobody is now wondering where the Clone-A is 🙂


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