In this hobby, one is often multiplied many times to a digit of two numbers. In order to keep the flow and not hoard too many Amiga systems I usually keep the systems and components I like the most and sell the rest for someone else to build his ultimate Amiga system for.

I have decided to keep at least one Amiga 4000 because if I would sell my A4000 I would only buy one back in the future. I would actually lose money by selling my A4000 since it would be very expensive to hunt all parts back again.

An A1200 is always nice to have packed with some extra muscle and room to store things.

Nobody knows how the future is going to twist and turn. I was prepared with the Pegasos 2 running AmigaOS 4.1 no matter where the future is going, now I think the future will be going to x86 so my priorities for next-gen Amiga is called AROS.

Amiga 4000D

This is my main bigbox Amiga system. The case is in excellent condition with no ugly yellowing.


Computer: Commodore – Amiga 4000 040 desktop, Kickstart 3.1
Fast memory: 128 MB
Accelerator: Phase 5 – CyberStormPPC 68k 060 @ 50MHz/PPC @ 180 MHz
Graphics card: none at the moment :)
Scandoubler: Indivision AGA A4000/CD32
Harddrive: Quantum Atlas – 10K Ultrawide SCSI 9.1 GB/Compact Flash card on IDE-port
Floppy drive: 1.76 MB HD drive


Pyramid Sound Enhancer (external)
Modified PSU, silent fan, cut PSU and replaced fan grills to increase airflow
A4000 keyboard
Wizard mouse


Workbench 3.9



Amiga 1200


Computer: Commodore – Amiga 1200 rev 1d4, Kickstart 3.1
Fast memory: 32 MB
Accelerator: Apollo – 1240, 68k 060 @ 50 MHz incl MMU and FPU
NIC: Netgear – 16 bit PCMCIA Wlan
Scandoubler: Individual Computers – Indivision AGA
Harddrive: Sandisk – 1 GB Compact Flash
Floppy drive: MicroniK – 1.76 MB HD drive


Alfa Data – 3 Button mouse
Sound enhancer


Workbench 3.1


The rest

A couple of A500 system in various states