Vesalia is an oldschool Amiga dealer, they are still going strong on selling Amiga stuff like it is still spring of 1993.

ACA-1230/28 incl. 64 MB RAM and RTC

The Individual Computers turbo card for the Amiga 1200 have showed up in the product listing at Vesalia with a price of about 100 euro, considering it is a 030 card with 64MB memory it is a wicked deal. Especially considering second hand Phase 5 Blizzard1230IV goes for 150-200+ euro here in Sweden, ocasionally a Blizzard1230IV have been sold for more than a Blizzard 060 or Apollo 060 card which is absurd.

If you just want to play games in WHDLoad and have a faster Workbench in high-res 4-16 color then this will be the most awesome combo in the future considering the price. The difference in speed between a full 50MHz 030 and a 28MHz 030 might put you off, but keep in mind a slower 030 will probably run much cooler in the A1200 than the 1230IV at 50MHz did.

You will not be able to upgrade memory on the ACA-1230 since memory is soldered on the board, IMHO it is not such a big problem, I have yet to run out of my 16MB in my A1200 in typical use. If you need more than 64MB in your A1200 you probably need something with more horsepower than a Motoroloa 68030 anyway and you should not build your PC-killer on the A1200 in my humble opinion.

ACA-630/25 incl. 32 MB RAM and RTC

No price was anounced on the ACA-630, the 030 turbo for the Amiga 600. Does not really matter personally IMHO, I will get one anyway when they are released in December 😉

Other IC news

Oops I almost forgot, other Individual Computers news, there is a new revision of the Indivision AGA scandoubler/flickerfixer for Amiga 1200 in development, it should be on the market in 6 months I think, it is designed to work in the A1200 and in the Amiga 4000T and now comes with a DVI connector (but I think it is still VGA, just routed on the DVI?).