My Amiga 4000 project got finished late last year even though it had a tight deadline. There are still some minor parts to be done to it but I am already looking for new projects to focus on for the first half of 2008.

Last summer I won an auction containing a much expanded Amiga 500 and a 1084 monitor. I sold the monitor during Christmas because IMHO they are a ticking time bomb -you will never know when they are going to end working- and by common sense an almost 20 year old monitor could break down by just looking at it. I actually got more money for selling the old Commodore 1084 monitor than I paid for the whole auction, which is kind of weird considering I got a GVP HD-8 with 4 MB memory, an Amiga 500 with 2 MB expansion and 020 turbo board together with a Kickstart switch and 1.3/3.1 roms.

Traditionally I am not particularly fanatical about the Amiga 500. It was a nice computer back then but that was about it. Still there is something attractive with an expanded A500 I think. Almost everyone here in Sweden had a basic A500 at one point or another before cheap and fast PC:s where released but few got hard drives for them and those who had turbo boards in them could probably be counted on one of my hands (maybe not, but you get the point). Maybe the lack of expanded Amiga 500 was not so strange since most bought the A500 because they knew five other who had one and could supply them with pirated games, and to be able to play the latest games all you needed was 0.5 MB of extra memory, an extra floppy drive was considered a luxury.

Anyway I have been brainstorming a lot about things you could put inside an Amiga 500 and I found out you could:

-Fit a turbo board inside it
-Fit a Kickstart switch inside it to look at the old 1.3 boot screen from time to time
-Fit an internal 2 MB fast ram expansion
-Fit an Amiga brake inside it to cheat in fast applications (like games)
-Fit an internal scandoubler (which will cost an arm and a leg)
-Fit an internal hard drive (because the A500 is already like one meter long)

…and of course, which expanded A500 is complete without a lot of external switches?

-Add a switch to switch between booting from internal or external floppy drive
-Add a switch so you could switch between mono and stereo sound
-Add a reset button
-Add an on/off switch for the extra memory
-Add a switch to turn off accelerator and fall back to the stock 68k CPU
-Add a switch for 0.5/1MB chip memory (or just add a Minimega 2MB chip mem expansion)

So this is just early brainstorming, you can be sure I will add this project when it is finished on my main site under the Amiga section on

Until then I can at least show you the A500 motherboard that I cleaned in a hot bath tonight.