Just noticed an interesting post on a1k.org hinting coming exciting product from Individual Computers.

Seems like it is going to be a 020 based card with 8MB and IDE port, if any German reader knows more post in the comments please.

I post here the english machine translated content which is 25% garbage language but I think you might need some entertainment today.

Maybe the machine translator is broken, but aparently the turbo board is going to be able to connect to a A1200 turbo board(?!). Sounds weird, but exciting. Time to stock up on Blizzard 060 cards 😉

Oh, and one other thing, this is just very early news and info!

The 500 card that I plan is * very * feeble: 68020 with 14MHz and 8MB Fast RAM. It brings but with a A600-compatible IDE and allows you to also operate the A500 A1200 turbo cards. now it is out …
I will never give ne guarantee that other work can be 1200 TKs. The ChipMem the A500 is only 16 bits wide, the ChipMem the A1200 is 32 bits wide. It is quite possible that some accelerator cards rely on the fact that the chip memory is 32 bits wide and will not work because of it.
Busboards are not mechanically fit. The 1200 TC I have a piece of the right of Denise, above the keyboard and left to place next to the floppy drive – there is, then you have TK, nothing else.
The 1200 TC is also * probably * the memory of the 68 020 can begin on the ACA520 nothing. I write “probably” because I am not so much knows how I will make the integration of the memory. The problem with the mechanism is only partly solved, and I will just like the ACA630 can screw everything nice and firm, so the computer can be carried from A to B without the viscera being thrown about.
The 500 TK should * be * cheap, so it is not exactly the rocket. You should put the 500 in a usable state, so flash mass storage and NEN minimal, “real” 32-bitters. The actual cost of the map created in the mechanics and logic, “how do I bind to the 32-bitter to the 16-bit Amiga” – and that is the same as “how do I bind to the ne 1200 TK 500.
The IDE is of course available for a TC 1200. It would only be a few EUR cheaper if I would leave out 68020 CPU and memory. Rather then a “small start” card, which is also seen for himself available.

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