The Cybervision64 3D card is one of the most popular graphics cards for the Amiga and was made by Phase 5 who created some of the most incredible hardware for the Amiga like the PowerPC turbo boards and the Cyberstorm 040/060 accelerators.


Booth the PicassoIV by Village Tronic and the CyberVision64 3D by Phase 5 was released around the same time 1997/1998 and it is no secret that PicassoIV is the better card with its integrated scandoubler/flicker fixer, expansion possibilities and faster speed. However the CV64-3D was cheaper (the scandoubler was optional) and a solid card despite coming in second place.


Even though the card promised 3D in its name it was not a true 3D card as the 3DFX cards, and most people familiar with Amiga hardware knows that Phase 5:s previous graphics board the CyberVision64 is slightly faster than the CyberVision64-3D, actually these two cards are totally different, only sharing the name CyberVision64.


The most frustrating aspect of this graphics board is its scandoubler, it is not a proper 24-bit scandoubler so AGA modes will not look as good on a scandoubled screen as on a television. Also display quality is slightly worse with the scandoubler connected. Those problems are minor though since actually finding the rare scandoubler today can be difficult and if you want native screen modes to automatically show up on the monitor whenever you play that occasional game of Monkey Island and then switch back to a nice 1280×1024 16-bit screen when your dose of nostalgia is filled you will need this device.

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