Finally time to let some Amiga system out of my collection.

CU A4000

First one of my Amiga 4000 is going out. It has got an absolutely fantastic clean motherboard, battery removed and there is no trace at all of battery leakage. It has an original Commodore 030 card inside even though case says it is the 040 version. Case is in good condition, not yellowed and there are no dents or bumps to the steel cover.

Inside it is empty besides 16 MB fast RAM and C= CPU card. I have taken this A4000 to the limit with PPC 233MHz, Indivision A4000D and CVPPC and now it is back in more humble state. Still kicking major ass as usual.

My A1200/060 with Indivision AGA will be replacement for the big box Amiga. Have fun and I hope your next owner (perhaps the 5th or 6th in line) will take as good care of you as I did.

CU Amiga 2000

Next in line is my 4 year old Amiga 2000 that has spent most of its time under my bed. Once upon a time it had a Commodore A2630 030 CPU card that I got for quite a deal (IIRC only about 25 euro), 3,1 roms, a Village Tronic Ariadne 2 NIC, a MacroSystem Toccata, IC great oldschool classic IDE Z2 card Buddha and a Village Tronic Picasso 2.

It was so cool and weighted a ton! But when I decided to use it I realized it was slower than what I expected it to be so one by one every piece of exotica hit AmiBay or the net. Only A2000 left now, you will be missed for sure, most badass case in Amiga history, packing a punch with five serious Zorro 2 slots, one bone crushing CPU-slot and that cool video-slot, I wonder where it will end up, you can be sure it will make an impact that will last forever whenever it sees daylight again at the new owner!

CU A500#1

This was just a boring Amiga 500 I never got around to sell. CU, you will be missed (not).

CU A500#2

This was a cool A500 from Germany, some crazy dude maxed it out with every kind of hi-tech available. Only thing left is the 2MB memory expansion, still 2MB in the Amiga is 1.5MB more than your usual Amiga 500 which means this A500 kick major ass all around! You will be missed (sort of).