Sometimes simple is good. There is just something really cool about a kickstart switch for the Amiga.

Add it to an A500 and you have a reason to have a cool shiny stainless steel switch through a hole in the A500 cover.

Not that switching kickstarts is so useful these days but back in 1992-1994 this was an essential piece of hardware to own in order to be able to play all those games which had to have kickstart 1.3 when you wanted to run Workbench 2.1 doing serious tasks.

Because the hardware was so simple –there are no complex setups with chips and such- there were lots of switches from many manufactures, some let you reboot into another kickstart by a 3 second long reset, some played a sound while switching -I myself prefer the good old metallic switch variant such as the one pictured made by HK back in 1993.

The kickstart switch has space for two kickstart chips, one preferably 1.3 while the other such as in my case a 3.1.