If you ask me which Amiga hardware is the most boring I would probably mention the Multiface3 card because they are so common and useless (at least for me) these days. Ok, that might have been a dumb statement by me -calling the Multiface3 card useless, when I write about external floppy drives in these times of WHDLoad.


Well to put it this way, a serial/parallel-port board is not the most exciting thing in the world and the world is not run by multi node bulletin boards anymore which might reduce the need for fast serial and parallel-port boards just a little bit.


Back in the day when internet did not exist for normal people the coolest thing in the world was a multi-node BBS – a BBS with more than one dial in node. So if you where the owner of a BBS with lots of nodes you would need some serious sh*t to be able to connect all your hi-end 28.8 modems to your Amiga. Serial port expansion boards where hot stuff back then, and so was mullets.


Anyways, enjoy the pictures and email me if you want more 😉

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