For most former Amiga users who owned an A500 with an external floppy drive and a Posso floppy box with 100 pirate copies the thought of needing a sound card for an Amiga is crazy. The Amiga already had built in sound and quite good was it too.


However it was no 16-bit audio and that may or may not show (sound) these days. Granted old classic modules won’t ever sound better with a sound card but what if you want to play an MP3 in 16-bit on that hi-end big box Amiga with 060 and PPC?


And that is why there is a market for sound cards on the Amiga (oh yeah, you can also make music on an Amiga and then having 16-bit sound card is great).


Toccata by Macrosystem was a sound card made in the 90-ies. Back then AHI, the solution for making sound cards useful for people not into music making, was not released yet so it was mostly hardware for video professionals needing good quality sound, at least before AHI became the standard for retargetable audio on the Amiga.

Thanks to AHI old 16-bit sound cards is a nice piece of vintage hardware to have in your big box Amiga so that you can impress your friends by playing hi-quality MP3-s on your Amiga. Maybe they will faint? In their mind Amiga is only capable of playing Pong in 2 colors with a copper fade in the background (maybe not).

Find out more about the Toccata sound card

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