You may remember my home made Amiga 500 86 pin to 100 pin Zorro slot adapter that I built a couple of years ago.

It did  work with some Zorro 2 cards but it failed to work with the Buddha Phoenix IDE-card (which was the reason I built it).

I always wanted more professional solution if I ever want to mess around with Zorro cards on the Amiga 500 again so when I noticed these cheap A500 Zorro card adapters where on sale on Amibay I ordered one without hesitation.

Unlike my homemade version this one is built on a proper circuit board and has a tiny chip. The chip is actually kind of important I think, in order to have a bit higher compatibility with different Zorro 2 cards.

Since I lack a turbo board for my Amiga 500 I am not in a rush to try it out but IIRC Buddha Phoenix edition has already been verified working with this Z2 card adapter so that is one cheap way of adding an IDE harddrive to the oldschool Amiga 500.

Take a good look at the pictures and observe this nice Amiga 500 86-pin to 100-pin Zorro slot adapter made in 2010!

Be sure to check out this thread on AmiBay if you want one yourself.