Here is a recent adition to my collection, it is going into an Amiga 600 once I get one. If anyone got a spare A600 sale I might be interested, it would be fun to test the ACA630 accelerator before the end of 2010.

I have a spare 3.1 A500/A600/A2000 rom to use also, and I think I will add an 1.3 rom to one of the sockets.


This is the fifth theme of this blog, lets hope I stick with it :)

I am going over all my pages so they will look great in the comming days, until then, have fun and I hope you like the theme!

I have been so busy with my work since the beginning of December I had to leave all my web projects to rest, hence no updates here on the Amiga blog or there in my bunker built of vintage Amiga Zorro cards, bombproof A2000 cases and prototype Amiga 3500 systems.

I am slowly crawling back up where I was back in November 2009 and I realized I have not done anything with my Amiga systems for quite a few months. (more…)

Amiga 4000 desktop in a cardboard box

Amiga 4000 desktop in a cardboard box

My spare Amiga 4000 have now found a new owner somewhere else in Europe. I wish the new owner good luck with the machine and many years of happy usage.

2008 is over so it is time to look back at an exciting year with the Amiga that has passed by in this first part of two.

See you in 2009!

I just found the perfect Compact Flash card to IDE adapter for the Amiga 1200 and the Amiga 600. It is attached straight on the 2.5” hard drive pin row on the motherboard and is relatively securely attached to the pin row by the 44-pins. Since the Compact Flash adapter connects directly to the 2.5” hard drive pin-row you do not need to feed the CF-adapter power with a cable which makes a very clean looking installation.


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