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As the user base of classic Amiga shrinks down more and more it becomes more apparent that soon it is up to the users themselves to produce cool hardware that have been sold out for years or that nobody created.

This is not the first internal IDE to CompactF lash adapter made, but it is not really for internal CF-use in the Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200, you should cut out a slot above the slot for the PCMCIA-card and then you will be able to remove and push in your Amiga HD (CF-card) very easy, very neat.

This little adapter is made by Kipper2k, you can find the official thread on English Amiga Board, or you can find out all about this cool Amiga device on his site:

(Look at the site for a printable template in order to do a neat cut in your A1200/A600 case)

There is many alternatives to connecting Compact Flash to your Amiga 600/1200, this is one is great because it does not interference with the Indivision in the A1200 or ACA630 in the A600, and it is in a totally cool white PCB color too!

If you want one I suggest you get one now before they sell out forever!

Just noticed an interesting post on hinting coming exciting product from Individual Computers.

Seems like it is going to be a 020 based card with 8MB and IDE port, if any German reader knows more post in the comments please.

I post here the english machine translated content which is 25% garbage language but I think you might need some entertainment today.

Maybe the machine translator is broken, but aparently the turbo board is going to be able to connect to a A1200 turbo board(?!). Sounds weird, but exciting. Time to stock up on Blizzard 060 cards 😉


Vesalia is an oldschool Amiga dealer, they are still going strong on selling Amiga stuff like it is still spring of 1993.

ACA-1230/28 incl. 64 MB RAM and RTC

The Individual Computers turbo card for the Amiga 1200 have showed up in the product listing at Vesalia with a price of about 100 euro, considering it is a 030 card with 64MB memory it is a wicked deal. Especially considering second hand Phase 5 Blizzard1230IV goes for 150-200+ euro here in Sweden, ocasionally a Blizzard1230IV have been sold for more than a Blizzard 060 or Apollo 060 card which is absurd.


Jens, hardware guru of Amiga parts have made some interesting posts on about production of new 030 Amiga 1200 and 600 turbocards. The Amiga 600 turbocard is especially interesting considering old Apollo A630 cards go for as much money as second hand PPC  can go for on the eBay.

Lets hope to see them on the Amiga market before the year ends, I am already looking for an Amiga 600 😉

Amazing whats next?


I have been thinking about writing a post about the BMon system by Eyetech but I have refused to because the system is so complicated. But to make it easy to explain, it is a monitor switcher that switches between CGFX (CyberGraphX) and AGA screenmodes so that output from scandoubler and output from RTG-graphics board can be viewed on a single monitor.


This tutorial shows you how you can access a FAT16 (Windows compatible) formatted Compact Flash card on your Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600 in order to transfer files from your PC to your Amiga.

An old 16 MB CF-card will be fine for transfering files to your Amiga from your PC.

An old 16 MB CF-card will be fine for transfering files to your Amiga from your PC.

The first thing you need to do and have is to get yourself a PCMCIA adapter for Compact Flash cards. Every Amiga 600 and 1200 comes with a PCMCIA-port on the side, this port can be used with network cards and modems also. (more…)

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