Click Boom was a software company that is most famous for porting Quake to the Amiga. One can only speculate what ID software thought of the extra 8-9 turbo FPS mode of the 060 Amiga 4000 with Quake installed they got in their office as a loan from CB to grant sales of Amiga Quake. Maybe they thought Amiga Quake was pathetic, I think CB was more pathetic. PPC cards was just released but they decided to release only the 68k port, maybe they were hoping people on 030 boards where thinking they were going to play deathmatch all day long on their A2000 special with 52 MB SCSI drive.


This is a very special part for the MicroniK A1200 tower case made out of genuine German plastic.

It is a PC-keyboard interface but it is very big for being such an interface because I think it is made to be fitted inside one of the famous MicroniK Amiga 1200 plastic towers (the one that breaks apart if you sneeze on it).


I forgot if these things where called BMON, AMON or UMON, but it is a monitor switcher that Eyetech used to sell and make.

It has a switch and you can connect your CV64-3D or CVPPC graphcs card to the switcher. The switcher has pinouts for another display output, I used these with a DCE scandoubler/Flickerfixer, the cable fits without adapter. With a modern scandoubler I think you have to make an adapter to fit the BMON.


Finally time to let some Amiga system out of my collection.

CU A4000

First one of my Amiga 4000 is going out. It has got an absolutely fantastic clean motherboard, battery removed and there is no trace at all of battery leakage. It has an original Commodore 030 card inside even though case says it is the 040 version. Case is in good condition, not yellowed and there are no dents or bumps to the steel cover.

Inside it is empty besides 16 MB fast RAM and C= CPU card. I have taken this A4000 to the limit with PPC 233MHz, Indivision A4000D and CVPPC and now it is back in more humble state. Still kicking major ass as usual.


Here is a recent adition to my collection, it is going into an Amiga 600 once I get one. If anyone got a spare A600 sale I might be interested, it would be fun to test the ACA630 accelerator before the end of 2010.

I have a spare 3.1 A500/A600/A2000 rom to use also, and I think I will add an 1.3 rom to one of the sockets.


I just ordered the Amiga 600 ACA630 030 25MHz 32MB A600 accelerator.

Tough news!

According to Jens on English Amiga board, one of the best Amiga boards on the net if you love 68k you should either order the new Amiga 630 ACA030 accelerator now, or prepare to never expect it to return in stock :)


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